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  spesk1 afe1d2da3d Added link to view raw files 2 years ago
  spesk1 9d3586fee9 Var name mistake 2 years ago
  spesk1 9863c970ce Add site generation date to index 2 years ago
  spesk1 f8cb9e65ce Updating README 2 years ago
  spesk1 e6b430168e Updating README 2 years ago
  spesk1 399f604ba9 Added timer and detection of binary files 3 years ago
  spesk1 2a036282fe Updating README 3 years ago
  spesk1 d38bdadc07 Updating README and reversing changes to make HTML source more readable (causing issues with rendering due to use of <pre> blocks) 3 years ago
  spesk1 85eaaa5627 Think I fixed/finalized strikethru parsing functionality 3 years ago
  spesk1 96f5e5d82a Changed link parsing to use MD standard syntax 3 years ago
  spesk1 45e04346d3 Removing bad /br tags 3 years ago
  spesk1 06b4768967 Added strikethru support to Mdparser 3 years ago
  spesk1 366f3adf32 Updating README 3 years ago
  spesk1 9130b2f18c Added link parsing to md parser 3 years ago
  spesk1 3c476b885b Added backtick code block support to markdown parser 3 years ago
  spesk1 c111ab0bd9 Updating README 3 years ago
  spesk1 171eba46bd Basic config file misconfig erroring 3 years ago
  spesk1 09560428e2 updating readme 3 years ago
  spesk1 3b9e66f00f Display configured clone interface 3 years ago
  spesk1 37f54811d4 Cleaned up file/commit display slightly with hr tag 3 years ago
  spesk1 1afd193eda Final fix for escaping HTML contained in source files 3 years ago
  spesk1 4678ce1b68 Worked around diff html issue via xmp HTML tags. Probably a better way to do this 3 years ago
  spesk1 8640ef4190 Added coloring for diffs. A few issues but basics are there 3 years ago
  spesk1 9695844961 Added line counters 3 years ago
  spesk1 64665331e9 Updated log level to ERROR 3 years ago
  spesk1 63ffefc591 Removed and added more TODO 3 years ago
  spesk1 c8f9c2833d Tidying up 3 years ago
  spesk1 01c5efb104 Removing swap file 3 years ago
  spesk1 7f226b85f2 Small change and removing swap files 3 years ago
  spesk1 9f65c01dc7 Tidying up a bit 3 years ago